Philadelphia has always been known for it's huge spring real estate market, and this year is showing no signs of being any different. The beautiful weather we've enjoyed the last couple weeks already has buyers and sellers juices flowing...Spring has sprung! If you're thinking of selling your house or condo, here are a few reasons:

1st - Our housing inventory in Philly is at a 10 year low! The fewer listings there are the less competition for your property. Our listing inventory is actually 21% less than this same time last year (January 2016).

2nd - Our spring market is already heating up! True, it's not really spring yet, but the real estate market sure is acting like it's spring.

3rd - This past fall and winter have proven there's a huge demand. In terms of sold units, they spiked the summer of 2016, which is normal, but what's not normal is they were consistent all the way from September to December 2016. In addition, requests for showings increased 16% from the same time last year. These items in conjunction with such a mild winter (thus far) are pointing to a great start to our 2017 market.

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