One of the best career decisions I ever made in life came to fruition three years ago today.

That’s right, three years ago today I drove the long and sweaty palmed road to Allentown PA to sit in a little cubical (hardly large enough to house the chair I sat on) to take my Pennsylvania State Real Estate Exam. With cameras everywhere that were monitoring and recording every move made, no food, no drink and no bathroom breaks (OK, just 1, which is timed and if you’re not back in the allotted time, you automatically fail the exam). And best of all, NO CALCULATORS!!!! That’s right, all mathematical work had to be done the good old fashion way…by hand on a piece of paper with a pencil (which, mind you, they issued to me). But I did it, and I’m very happy to say, that I did it well and passed with flying colors!

I can’t begin tell you how happy I am with the decision I made 3 years ago to become a PA Licensed Realtor®. The level of appreciation I have for all the clients I’ve worked with is unspeakable. It goes without saying, without the best team leaders/mentors and colleagues, the level of success I’ve been fortunate to have would never have been possible. And I’d be remiss without mentioning the support I have from family and friends.

Forever grateful,